BluOasis Products

BluOasis provides a range of fixed and mobile solutions for remote water and power generation.  Each BluOasis unit is comprised of a high cycle lithium iron (LiFePo4) battery bank and an atmospheric water generator (AWG).  All units provide internet connectivity via a cellular or satellite-based modem for providing local wifi-based internet access as well as system monitoring and remote operation.


BluOasis units produce 5 gallons (20 liters) or 10 gallons (40 liters) per day while powering your home, school or clinic. It is optimizes for ease of setup and operation and can be monitored remotely with our intuiting web or app interface.

Mobile / Emergency Units

BluOasis mobile units integrate the same great power and water generation capabilities into a small form factor mobile trailer that has 1.5kW of external solar panels. The trailer will store up to 200 gallons of water and is capable of transporting an additional 1.5kW of array panels that can be set up on site to expand power generation capacity.


The BluPower unit uses the inverter and lithium iron battery bank from the BluOasis product line and are sold as a standalone units, with or without solar panels, with battery banks up to 45kW-hr.

Lithium Iron Power Modules

The BluOasis 15kW-hr lithium iron battery is an ideal power storage solution for a wide range of applications including marine, automotive and home backup.  Our 51VDC 300Ahr modules support horizontal or vertical mounting and come equipped with castors for easy transport.  

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