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Access to clean drinking water is a global crisis that is only getting worse.  Further, geopolitical instability, industrialization and population expansion has strained communication and power grids in developing countries.  Finally, in the developed world, we are moving towards micro-power grids where towns and individual homes can be their own power producer and consumer.


BluOasis is focused on taking advantage of these trends by fielding integrated stand-alone utility units that provide power, clean drinking water and internet communications. Our fully integrated IOT enabled systems are easy to setup and use.

BluOasis Models

All BluOasis products are comprised of a solar array that produces power, a high cycle lithium iron (LiFePo4) battery bank, and an atmospheric water generator (AWG).  All units provide internet connectivity via a cellular or satellite-based modem for providing local wifi-based internet access as well as system monitoring and remote operation.

BluOasis 5

The BluOasis 5 has 3.0kW of solar arrays, 15kWhr of battery capacity, and will produce approximately 5 gallons (20 liters) per day of clean drinking water as well as power a small off-grid home.

BluOasis 10

The BluOasis 10 has 4.5kW of solar power, a 30kWhr battery, and will produce approximately 10 gallons per day of clean drinking water as well as power a small home or schools and remote clinics in developing countries. 

The BluOasis 10 (shown at right) can be configured with 12,000W output

BluPower Models


Many North American customers are looking for an easy to install home solar power system, or simple easy way to convert their existing grid tied solar power systems into off-grid solar power systems.  The BluPower unit uses the inverter and lithium iron battery bank from the BluOasis product line and are sold as a standalone units, with or without solar panels, with battery banks up to 45kW-hr.

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