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The BluPower 3012 is an all in one off-grid home utility unit with a 30kW-hr LiFePO4 battery bank and 12kW power management panel for heavy duty loads.  The BluPower 3012 can accept up to 6kW of solar arrays or a 6kW generator as power sources, and has both utility (12kW) and accessory (6kW) user controlled outputs.

BluPower 3012

SKU: BP3012-001
  • Unit Size (HWD): 60x26x40 in / 152x66x101 cm

    Unit Mass: 1105 lb / 500 kg

    Battery Capacity: 30kW-hr

    Battery Warranty: 10 year / 10,000 Cycles

    Power Panel Output: 12kW (36kW surge)

    Max Solar Input: 6kW

    Max Generator Input: 240V / 30A

    Utility / Home Output: 240V / 50A

    Accessory Output: 240V / 30A

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