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BluOasis was founded in 2019 by Jason Andrews, a serial technology and aerospace entrepreneur, after working with communities in Southeast Asia who desperately need better access to renewable electricity and clean drinking water. 
The Problem

Clean drinking water is a limited resource and access to it is a global crisis, getting worse every year.  Geopolitical instability, industrialization, and population expansion have strained communication systems, power grids, and water supplies. Most of these communities don't have the technical ability to design, install and maintain solar power systems. 
Our Innovation
BluOasis set out to fundamentally simplify solar power collection and storage by creating a single utility unit that can be set up in the same manner and time it takes to set up a desktop PC. With BluOasis, its as simple as unpacking it, plugging in the peripherals, and pressing the power button to generate power for a home, school or clinic. 
This same unit has the ability to provide clean drinking water distilled from the atmosphere for a family of five and can also power a satellite internet connection. We are harnessing the sunlight and converting it to water, energy and connectivity for the people who need it most. 

Our Target Market

BluOasis provides critical basic infrastructure for communities and individuals that currently don't have access to water, power or internet connectivity.

Making A Difference

BluOasis is working to help underserved communities through its BluPlanet initiative.  A portion of all profits will go to fund the installation of BluOasis units in schools and clinics in areas most in need of these critical services.



Access to clean drinking water is a global crisis that is only getting worse. BluOasis is addressing this challenge and providing critical basic infrastructure for communities that currently don't have access to water, power or internet connectivity. A portion of all profits goes towards investing in communities that need it most.
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