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BluOasis Products

BluOasis units provide power (up to 12kW), clean drinking water (up to 10 gallons per day), and global internet connectivity from a single utility appliance that is the size of a household refrigerator (base footprint of 1 meter square). Key features include:

  • Ability to accommodate a range of PV array sizes (up to 6kW) using direct DC charging

  • Use of a high-cycle Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery bank with capacities up to 45kWh ensures reliable operation for 7-10 years

  • An optional atmospheric water generator (AWG) to produce up to 10 gallons (44 liters) per day of pure clean drinking water

  • A smart IoT enabled power management system for system monitoring and remote power switching 

  • The option to integrate cellular or satellite based internet connectivity for global connectivity


BluOasis has integrated and automated the different system elements to simplify setup and operation so that these utility units can be deployed to remote and unattended locations - customers just need to plug in the arrays and out comes power, water and internet connectivity.

BluOasis Operating Icon.JPG


BluOasis units produce 10 gallons (44 liters) per day while powering your home, school or clinic. It is optimized for ease of setup and operation and can be monitored remotely with our intuiting web or app interface.


BluPower units use the inverter and high-cycle battery bank from the BluOasis product line to create simple turn key solar power systems that can power your home, or serve as a battery backup. Units are sold as standalone units, with or without solar panels, with battery banks up to 45kW-hr.

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BluMobile units integrate the same great power and water generation capabilities into a small form factor mobile trailer that has 1.5kW of external solar panels. The trailer will store up to 100 gallons of water and is capable of transporting an additional 1.5kW of array panels that can be set up on site to expand power generation capacity.


LiFePO4 Battery Modules

The BluOasis 15kW-hr lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery is an ideal power storage solution for a wide range of applications including marine, automotive and home backup.  Our 51V dc 300Ah modules support horizontal or vertical mounting and come equipped with castors for easy transport.  

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