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BluMobile Models

We have integrated our BluOasis and BluPower units into a trailer with integrated solar array to rapidly deploy to support disaster and emergency response requirements, remote work sites or the weekend getaway. Each trailer comes with a deployable fixed array, and additional arrays can be transported inside the trailer and set up to provide additional power. Options include larger battery banks, inverters and backup generator with automatic start.


BluMobile units integrate the same great power and water generation capabilities into a small form factor mobile trailer that has either 1.5kW or 3.0kW of external solar panels. The trailer will store up to 20 gallons (expandable to 100 gallons) of water and is capable of transporting an additional 1.5kW or 3.0kW of array panels that can be set up on site to expand power generation capacity. The BluOasis BluMobile trailer is ideal for the following applications:

  • Rapid disaster response

  • Emergency power or water supply

  • Remote work or construction sites

  • Utilities for a remote cabin

  • A tow behind to enable the ultimate weekend getaway

BluMobile Specs.JPG

* Note: Standard BluMobile features shown.  Each trailer can be customized to meet the customer's needs.

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