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Demo Day at Mule Expedition Outfitters

It's taken us a year but we are now in low rate production of our BluOasis and BluPower turn key solar power and water utility units! In the process of developing these products we started importing 12V 100Ahr and 200Ahr BluOasis branded batteries to support select off-grid and overland vehicle customers including Mule Expedition Outfitters. This week I was able to go out to the Mule facility in Preston WA and meet with Joe Marshal, founder and CEO of Mule Expedition Outfitters, to demo our BluOasis unit and talk about our company mission: bringing power and water to those who need it most. A portion (at least 10%) of all BluOasis profits go to funding the deployment of units to people who need it most. We currently have two pilot projects: one in Laos at the "Phuanmit" School and one in Tanzania helping women miners. If you are interested in purchasing BluOasis 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries and supporting our mission, please visit

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