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BluOasis® debuts BluMobile™ Trailer at Overland Expo PNW

The small form factor mobile trailer contains everything needed to power emergency responses, remote worksites, and overland adventures.

BluOasis®, which provides a range of fixed and mobile solutions for remote water and power generation, will debut its BluMobile™ Trailer at Overland Expo PNW. The BluMobile trailer is the first mobile solution for BluOasis and joins a lineup of fixed units that produce electricity from solar stored in a battery bank and clean drinking water distilled from the air. All BluOasis units generate critical utilities that are powerful enough to be both primary and backup supplies.

Each BluMobile trailer comes with a deployable 1.5kW fixed array, a high cycle lithium iron phosphate battery bank, and an atmospheric water generator that will generate, purify and store up to forty gallons of water. The BluMobile trailer comes with an exterior work table and features over 150 cubic feet of internal storage, providing ample room for gear. The interior features a pop top roof and two levels to accommodate up to four people. An additional 1.5kW of array panels can be transported internally and set up on-site to expand power generation capacity. Customers can customize certain aspects of the trailer including larger battery banks, inverters, a fridge/freezer, a backup generator, and communication options. 

All BluOasis units are fully integrated and automated to simplify setup and operation so they can be deployed to remote and unattended locations. Customers just need to plug in the arrays and the rest can be controlled through an intuitive web interface.

The BluMobile Trailer joins a lineup of fixed water and power generation solutions including:


Our flagship all-in-one utility unit with an atmospheric water generator, 15kW-hr LiFePO4 battery, and 6kW output is ideal for an off-grid cabin, remote worksite, or developing communities. Each BluOasis unit can generate up to ten gallons (44 liters) of water per day, all while powering a cabin, home, school, or building.


BluPower units use the inverter and high-cycle battery bank from the BluOasis product line to create turn-key solar power systems that can power your home or serve as a battery backup. Units are sold standalone, with or without solar panels, with 6kW and 12kW output and battery banks up to 45kW-hr.

Founded by technology and aerospace entrepreneur Jason Andrews, BluOasis is committed to helping global communities have access to life’s basic utilities. A portion of all profits directly funds the deployment of BluOasis units to developing communities around the world.

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