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BluOasis Models

BluOasis units come with a range of energy storage (between 8.6 and 30kWh) and power output (6kW or 12kW) options.  Each BluOasis unit comes with an atmospheric water generator (AWG) that can produce up to 10 gallons of water per day at 80 deg F and >60% relative humidity.  Note that the atmospheric water generator consumes 12kW over the course of the day so it needs to be coupled with a sufficiently sized array (at least 3,000W) or tied to a grid/generator power source to achieve its maximum yield. The system can generate smaller amounts of daily water with smaller arrays.

BluOasis Models 082020.JPG

System and Power Management Options

All BluOasis and BluPower units come with a standard power management panel that is configured for the respective inverter power output (6kW or 12kW). This power management panel is IoT enabled to allow either onsite or web-based system control of individual circuits and accessories. Custom configurations can be ordered on a case by case basis.

BluOasis Power Mgmt 082020.JPG

Warning: If the BluOasis unit is going to be connected to a grid, the unit must be configured to be power compatible prior to shipping.

*Note regarding power outputs: users can select one of two operating modes via the web interface. Additional voltage options (e.g. 208 and 230V AC) can be factory set into the unit if desired by the customer.

BluOasis Operating Mode 082020.JPG
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